Check out what you can do at CYC!

What do you like to do for fun? Maybe you like to swim do arts and crafts play sports or just spend time with your friends. At CYC you can do all of that and more!

After their first meal at CYC campers choose and sign up for four activities. Two activities take place in the morning while the other two take place in the afternoon. Campers also participate in pre-scheduled evening activities as a cabin to strengthen the bond and friendships between cabinmates and staff.

Arts and Crafts
Our Arts barn is jammed full of activities and materials to make lots of creative items to wear or take home. Tie-dye a t-shirt (or a pair of socks!) or make a friendship bracelet to remember your fantastic summer at CYC!



Nestled into a wooded hill our Archery Range gives you ample opportunity to safely learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and improve your archery skills under the careful instruction of our patient instructors.



We have plenty of canoes kayaks and paddle boats for you to try out. Grab a lifejacket and a friend and head out on the smooth waters of our boating bay – it stays calm even on the windiest days! You can even sign up with your cabin group for a pontoon tour of Big Sandy Lake!



Do you think you know “the spot”? Luckily Big Sandy Lake has several hot spots for fish and many are right off our dock! Grab a pole and some bait and try to catch a keeper!





It’s time to practice your moves and learn some new ones too. Our dance instructors know the coolest dances from hip hop to Salsa. Come to Tek and get in the groove!




Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Like to make people laugh? Enjoy dressing up in costumes? Drama is the activity for you! Spend the week learning new acting skills and then get ready for the talent show!




Here’s your chance to hit the volleyball court brush up on soccer skills shoot some hoops toss a Frisbee and enjoy many other sports throughout the week.




Build a sand castle on the beach or swim out to the raft with a buddy. Our lifeguards will make sure you have lots of fun and stay safe! If you choose you’ll be able to head to the beach nearly every day!




Investigate camp happenings interview your fellow campers or CYC staff and practice your creative writing skills. Each week the newspaper is filled with interesting information and hilarious stories.




Do you love to sing? Choir is the time to learn new songs practice your vocals and sing sing sing!





Ready aim throw! Learn how to throw tomahawks and practice perfecting your aim at our CYC custom designed targets.





Campfire Cooking
If s’mores are one of favorite foods- try out campfire cooking! You will learn how to make a fire try out some delicious recipes like cinnamon sugar doughnuts campfire dogs popcorn and orange peel muffins!


"CYC to me is a fun, uplifting, and spiritual camp for kids of all ages. Every morning there I wake up with a smile on my face, and I am like ā€œ YESSSSS Iā€™m still here!!!ā€ I never want to leave. CYC has outrageous counselors there that give courage to be yourself and to love and adore God!" - Isabel

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