A Valentine Poem For Our Campers

 A Valentine Poem for CYC Campers

Roses are red violets are blue
we’re ready for summer how about you?
The activities are planned and we’re so excited!
And we want to make sure you know you’re invited!
There are s’mores to be roasted and games to be played
songs to be sung and prayers to be prayed.
We need your energy your smile and your spirit!
We won’t take excuses we don’t want to hear it!
The summer just won’t be nearly as fun
if you aren’t along with us soaking in the sun.
Summer is getting closer and we can barely wait
And because we love our campers we’ve set a special rate!
So get out your calendar then call all your friends
and schedule your week before the sale ends!
Register before Valentines Day
to take $40 off the price you will pay!
"What a great deal!"…we know we agree!
We can’t wait to see you this summer at CYC!
Register between now and February 14
to take advantage of the I LOVE CAMP sale!
~Call 651-636-1645 with questions or to register over the phone~

"To me, CYC is a place where I can really be myself and make new friends. At CYC, I feel safe and happy. The counselors at camp have inspired me. I feel closer to God since my experience at CYC." - Anna

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