4th of July and OPC Thursday!

 It was our last full day of camp this week and so we crammed as much goodness as we could possibly cram into a day! It was 4th of July and there is no better place to celebrate than at camp!!

Cabins started the day with two cabin activities. There was a lot of canoeing swimming shooting archery and many more fun things. For our all camp activity it was time to head down to the mud pit and have a good old fashioned tug-o-war! Cabins battled it out but then more importantly got to JUMP in the mud! After getting dirty we headed to the lake to clean off!

After lunch (stuffed crust pizza!) it was a great day to have an archery/throwing tomahawk/slingshot competition canoe groups to tip into the lake and learn to rescue the sports group to compete the fishing group to make fishing poles out of pop cans and the swim group to go swimming. The drama group and dance groups were busy with last minute rehearsal for the talent show and the survival skills group built forts. 

Dinner was an all camp cookout on the field. We had hot dogs and burgers watemelon potato salad chips and cookies! We sang some songs and hung out. And then it was time to enjoy a talent show! Singing dancing kung fu riddles jokes skits and more! What a show!!

After the talent show it was time for s’mores! We sang songs and roasted marshmallows and laughed a lot. 

Tonight cabins are enjoying one more night together. As this is being typed cabins are busy packing sharing memories of the week and having fun before falling asleep.

It’s been a great week and we don’t want to see our campers go!

Happy 4th of July!!

"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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